FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Featuring Carrier® Products Ceilings

What is the size of the Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® system’s peripheral slot?

The size of slot depends on the profile Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® used, it is composed of 2 elements:

  • The main section 
  • The fixation corner bracket

The main profile can be assembled with 3 corner brackets of different fixings, generating a gap between the wall support and the stretched ceiling of 12mm,  24mm or 32mm.

Each of the corner brackets exists in the following versions: 

  • Perforated: allowing a passage of blowing or aspirated air 
  • Not perforated: sealed version does not allow air passage

The profile size to be used (12, 24 or 32mm) as well as the positioning of the perforated and non-perforated versions is given by the Barrisol Clim® feasibility study.

In non-perforated version the corner brackets have the same dimensions but not the air perforation.


Corner bracket 12 mm 

Corner bracket 24 mm 

Corner bracket 32 mm