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Barrisol Clim® Ceilings System efficiency

Barrisol Clim® system performances

Air quality AAAIn order to officially validate the performances of the system, a series of tests has been carried out by an independent company, according to ISO
7730 standard. 

The purpose of the tests was to evaluate the permissible power and the thermal comfort of the system.

Scientific and Technical Committee of Climatic Industries


Power handling of the system

Concerning the power, tests have shown that depending on the calibration of the hot and cold production plant, the ceilings were able to convey: 

  • Up to 600 W/m2 in heating mode, without risk of deformation of the membrane
  • Up to 550 W/m2 in cooling mode, without risk of condensation on the membrane

These powers are very important (most buildings are designed at lower powers) which allows the system to be installed in all areas of the world, regardless of the severity of the climate, in heating or cooling mode.


(1) with no risk of deforming the stretched sheet ceiling

(2) with no risk of condensation on the stretched sheet ceiling

Temperature homogeneity and air speed

The thermal comfort of a heating or cooling system is measured by:

  • The homogeneity of temperature in the room
  • The value of the air speed (low enough not to feel a draft)

The temperature homogeneity of this system is excellent. It is recognised that when the difference of temperature between the head and the feet is lower than 3°C the thermal comfort is very good. Barrisol Clim® provides a difference of 1°C in heating mode and less than 0,5°C in cooling mode. To get a great comfort, the standard
considers that air speed needs to be less than 0,3 m/s in the room. The Barrisol Clim® system make it possible to avoid any feeling of draught.


All these results demonstrated that Barrisol Clim® allowed the attainment of the highest possible rating in terms of thermal comfort according to ISO 7730, namely an AAA in heating mode and an AAA in cooling mode. The achievement of these exceptional performances is possible thanks to the realization of an individual technical study for each project


Impact of the system on energy consumption


Cooling :
11% energy saving

Heating :
8% energy saving


The temperature you feel is very different from that displayed on a thermometer. Indeed the temperature felt (or operating temperature) is equal to the average between the ambient air temperature and the temperature of all the walls around us. With Barrisol Clim®, the ceiling is cooler than the ambient air in cooling mode (respectively warmer in heating mode) and radiates thermally towards the room. This phenomenon makes it possible to perceive a cooler temperature of approximately 2 ° C than the ambient air in cooling mode and warmer by approximately 1.5 °C in heating mode. By accentuating the sensation of freshness or warmth, Barrisol Clim® allows you to save about 10% of energy consumption.


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