Invisible airconditioning and heating system via ceilings

System Overview

Invisible and silent air conditioning for your comfort


With its patented slotted profile, Barrisol Clim® transfers air either as Forced Air (a) or Return Air (b) between the plenum space and that of the room. The solid version (c) of the profile  is designed to prevents the passage of air through certain walls.



1st place in Sustainability

1st place in Energy Efficiency


Barrisol CLIM presentation


  1. Ambient air is drawn along the interior walls of the room, then channelled by means of a separating bulkhead (a), supporting the special Barrisol Clim® profile.
  2. The air enters the air conditioning unit*, where it is filtered then heated or cooled before being released in the plenum between the slab above and the Barrisol Clim® ceiling.
  3. A ventilation box can be connected to the system to inject hygienic new air into the plenum.
  4. The conditioned air blends effectively with the new air and is distributed throughout the volume of the plenum.
  5. The Barrisol Clim® ceiling becomes one huge diffuser, radiating heat or coolness across the entire surface.
  6. The conditioned air flows slowly over the outer walls.

* The Barrisol Clim® system is compatible with all hot- and cold-air production technologies which use forced air. Contact your approved
Barrisol® installer for more information.

How does it work ?


  1. Whether in summer or winter, conditioned air will flow gently over the outer walls. This eliminates any unpleasantly hot or cold
  2. A natural flow of air develops throughout the space inside the room, at speeds so low they are barely perceptible.
  3. Heat radiates through the entire surface of the ceiling, providing pleasant, gentle heat or coolness.

An example of the thermal distribution provided by the system

Thanks to the consistent wall temperatures, the natural air flow and the large heat-exchanging surface of the ceiling, Barrisol Clim® provides
unparalleled comfort whether heating or cooling your space.

Occupants are surrounded by a gentle sensation of warmth or coolness. There is no noise and no drafts. 

The ceiling radiates the heat or coolness extremely quickly. You’ll feel a notable change in temperature within minutes.

Cooling mode

Barrisol CLIM Cooling mode

Heating mode


Barrisol Clim®: a breeze so gentle you’ll hardly feel it

Barrisol Clim® homogenises the temperature of both your walls and the air, wherever you are in the room.

The extremely low temperature difference between the head and the feet of an occupant (1.0°C in heating mode and 0.5°C in cooling mode), alongside the almost imperceptible air speed, means that Barrisol Clim® can provide unparalleled comfort.

Unlike “static” air conditioning ceilings (which use hydraulic tubes), Barrisol Clim® offers almost unlimited power.

The power handling of 600W/m² while heating and 550W/m² while cooling ensures that it can meet your heating and cooling needs, wherever you are on the planet.


heat and cold power


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