System implementation plan - air conditioning via ceiling

System implementation plan

The Barrisol Clim® system minimizes ventilation networks and diffusion grids

Economy of the System

Diffusion via the Barrisol Clim® system makes possible to reduce the quantity of ventilation ducts as well as to suppress the diffusion grids, this generates, in most cases, economy in the production of hot, cold and ventilation. In fact the ventilation networks stop at the entrance to the room, so it is no longer necessary to install ducts in the plenum and air diffusion grilles. 

The example below, of an actual project illustrates the impact of the changeover to Barrisol Clim®.



Initial plan with use of air ventilation grills


Final plan with air diffusion by Barrisol Clim®

Economy of the System :
Uses less pipes and no grids


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