FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Featuring Carrier® Products Ceilings

What is the power handling of the ceiling Barrisol Clim® heating?

The Barrisol Clim® ceiling can be connected to a forced air heating system developing up to 600 W/m2 of Barrisol Clim® ceiling. 

This value is very high and allows the system to cover 100% of the heating needs of a building in all areas of the world. In most cases the Barrisol Clim® system is coupled with a less powerful heating system (adapted to the real  needs of the building), for example the heating capacity of a new building in France is around 50W / m2

The power handling in heating mode (see chart below) depends on:

  •  The indoor temperature of the room (°C), 
  •  The forced air flow Q (m3/h).


Example: I would like to heat a room of 20 m2 at 21° C with a power of 1,200 W (60 W/m2). 

My heating system should have a minimum air flow of 5 m3/h/m2 (100m3/h).

Attention, the abacus below is based on the permissible power limit values, according to the criteria of comfort to be respected. An airflow adjustment  (calculated during the Barrisol Clim® feasibility studies) must be carried out.