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What is the ISO 7730 standard?

The ISO 7730 standard is the internationally accepted standard for measuring thermal comfort conditions within a room. It is based on a study which made it possible to determine the dissatisfaction of the occupants of a place, respecting different criteria.

This standard is based on 3 criteria to be respect:

  • The homogeneity of temperature within the volume: respect of a maximum temperature difference at any point of the volume of occupation of the room and particularly between the feet and the head of an occupant.
  • The absence of draft in the room: compliance with a maximum air speed at any point of the room volume.
  • The absence of discomfort related to hot or cold wall phenomena (temperature asymmetry discomfort): respect of a maximum temperature difference between all the walls, the floor and the ceiling of the room.

Each criteria is evaluated by a note in the form of a letter, the best possible overall ratings are AAA in heating mode
and AAA in cooling mode.