FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Featuring Carrier® Products Ceilings

What allows Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® membrane to generate thermal radiation?

Thanks to its unique composition and thin material, Barrisol® Biosource membrane is specially adapted to the Barrisol Clim® process because of its exceptional thermal properties.

Its thermal conductivity is extremely high (944 W/m2.K) resulting in almost no thermal resistance (0.00105 m2.K/W): this gives the membrane the ability to let hot and cold air pass through it. It also increases or decreases the temperature of the membrane very quickly.

It has a very high thermal emissivity coefficient (> 0.90): this (varying between 0 and 1) characterizes the ability of the material to generate thermal radiation, which places the Barrisol® Biosource membrane among the most efficient materials currently known in terms of thermal radiation.