FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Ceilings

What is the operating principle of the Barrisol Clim® system?

The Barrisol Clim® system allows you to heat, cool and ventilate any type of room, whatever its size. 

The diffusion of hot and cold is achieved partly by thermal radiation via the Barrisol® membrane(1) (warmer or cooler than the atmosphere) and for the rest by blowing the air(2) (hot or cold) along respective walls (usually the outer walls of the room). 

The implementation of the system requires an air blowing zone(2) and an air return zone(3) equipped with the Barrisol Clim® profiles along opposing edges. The Non-perforated version of the Barrisol Clim® profiles are installed in the remaining edges.

The Non-perforated version of the Barrisol Clim® profiles are installed in the remaining areas. 

The combination of thermal radiation and air blowing generates a natural air induction movement(4) within the room volume at a very low speed. 

The system guarantees perfect air mixing and uniform temperature throughout the room without the sensation of feeling a draught.