FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Featuring Carrier® Products Ceilings

How do you make the Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® air aspiration box?

The air intake box must be installed at the full length of the Barrisol Clim® perforated profiles for air intake (the location of the profiles dedicated to the air intake is given in the study. of feasibility Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier®).

The box is impervious, made of a material that is moisture resistant. It is fixed to the ceiling and supported by the Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® profile.

The box can adopt 2 different geometries: 45 ° or 90 °.

Whatever their geometry, the air intake boxes must respect a minimum section Sc (cm2) given by the execution study Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier®.

Air aspiration box 45 ° geometry

Air aspiration box 90 ° geometry