FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Ceilings

How the Barrisol Clim® system guarantees AAA comfort?

Air flow along glass wall with Barrisol Clim ceilings

The tests carried out on the Barrisol Clim® diffusion system make it possible to validate how using a good calibration of certain criteria, we can make it  systematically possible to achieve AAA comfort (such as the temperature of air blowing in the plenum, the air speed through the Barrisol Clim profile,  the position of Barrisol Clim profiles, and the flow of air in the plenum). 

The calculation and validation of all criteria is carried out as part of the implementation study 

Numerical simulations (CFD) in 3D are  conducted to study all air movements in the room, the homogeneity of temperatures and air speed values within volume of the room.

Temperature - celcius degrees