FAQ - Barrisol Clim® Featuring Carrier® Products Ceilings

Is the consumption of the air conditioning/heating systems reduced when the diffusion is carried out using a Barrisol Clim® ceiling?

The temperature felt in a room (called the operating temperature) is not just the temperature of the ambient. It is the average between the temperature of the air and the surface temperature of all the walls.

Indeed, each wall emits a different thermal radiation according to its temperature.

When the Barrisol Clim® device is used in cooling (respectively in heating), one of the walls of the room (the ceiling) is cooler (respectively warmer) than the atmosphere and thus generates a thermal radiation allowing to lower (respectively to increase) the operative temperature.

Then we feel a cooler temperature (respectively warmer) than the actual temperature of the air.

Thus it is possible to have the sensation of being in an atmosphere at 23° C while the air temperature is 25° C.

This phenomenon saves about 10% on energy consumption compared to a “conventional” cooling only operating with a cold air blowing into the room.